AMCASH provides characterisation and analysis of polymeric materials, as well as desk based research and consultancy work. Our lab-based support focuses on thermal and mechanical testing, microstructure characterisation and modelling and simulation

We offer:

  • Desk research to understand markets and investigate suitable materials
  • Material identification
  • Mechanical testing: to determine the mechanical properties of materials such as the tensile strength, flexural modulus, and compression properties.
  • Process optimisation by investigating polymer responses to different processing conditions
  • Thermal properties; processing temperatures/conditions, operational limits
  • Stability and degradation studies; product failure
  • Determining the impact of constituents; additives, blends, impurities, on-material properties and processing.

We commonly adapt our facilities to meet other testing needs and materials, including novel polymer characterisation testing methods.

Demonstration of degradation, leading to embrittlement and product failure

Using Digital Scanning Calorimetry to understand precise melting temperature ranges of polymers for processing

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