AMCASH provides consultancy, characterisation and analysis of ceramic materials and composites.

Our wide range of advanced processing and characterisation facilities include powder synthesis, green forming, densification and subsequent microstructure characterisation and testing.

We offer:

  • Conceptual research to understand market trends and to investigate suitable materials
  • Material characterisation – nano, micro and macro scale
  • Refinement of processing conditions – wet and dry; including rheological studies
  • Optimisation of sintering process sintering conditions in air and controlled atmosphere
  • Ceramic coatings, from nano to micro and macro scale through various techniques
  • Mechanical testing for determining and comparing materials, and to identify potential applications
  • Thermal properties and characterization; process conditions
  • Electrical properties of the functional ceramic materials
  • Thermal ablation characterization to test materials for extreme conditions

Using Rheometer to understand the suspension behaviour during the processing conditions.

Thermal ablation test and characterization of ceramic matrix composites

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